Monrovia Historical Museum

MonroviaHistoricalMuseum.JPGThe Monrovia Historical Museum is nestled in the picturesque foothills of the San Gabriel mountains in the quintessential small town of Monrovia, California. Located in an historic 1925 Spanish-style building that once housed the city’s municipal “plunge”, the museum is surrounded by Recreation Park with its lush gardens and family-oriented sports fields.

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The 8,000 square foot museum consists of two major wings – (1) Historic Monrovia and (2) Historic Collections.

Historic Monrovia introduces the visitor to the Monroe family and the town they helped establish and includes exhibits on the famous Pottenger Sanatorium which worked to find cures for breathing disorders, a turn-of-the-century kitchen and parlor, a 1907 classroom tribute to Monrovia’s early schools, and an interactive police department exhibit which is always a hit with the kids.

The Historic Collections wing includes impressive Native American artifacts dating back centuries (the exhibit was completely redone in August, 2012), a fascinating natural history section, and a display of telephone technology over the last century, along with a former Monrovia teacher’s doll collection and an exhibit dedicated to our fighting men and women.

The Monrovia Historical Museum is partnering with the community’s teachers and school children to introduce our youth to the museum’s purpose and encourage their participation in the museum.  The museum is developing programs to allow our students to participate in the design and implementation of new, school-related exhibits.  The aim is to help students acquire pride in the multi-ethnic heritage of the community.

Curator Mark Still, who began his volunteer position with the museum in January, 2009, acts as docent during both days the museum is open.  Besides revamping the existing exhibits and adding new ones, Mark has been instrumental in creating several special activities to highlight and celebrate the variety of cultures that make up the city’s varied ethnicity. 

The museum is nearing completion of its five year plan with the primary goal being to become the historical and cultural center of Monrovia.

Contact information:

Monrovia Historical Museum
742 East Lemon Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016
Hours: Thursdays & Sundays, 1:00-4:00 p.m.
Messages: (626) 357-9537
Appts: (909) 297-6356